Zimbabwe Institute of Public
Administration and Management



Senior Consultant

Mr. Andrew Muzondiwa Marisa

Andrew Muzondiwa Marisa (MSc. Strat. Mgt., MBA, EDP, HND Accountancy, MIPMZ). Andrew, currently studying for the Doctor of Business Administration degree with Binary University of Malaysia, has, over the past 31 years, accumulated extensive experience in capacity building and organisational development in the public sector

Andrew worked for the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) since its inception in September 2001 until he left in February 2011 to expand his experience to other sectors and contribute to the development of Zimbabwe in different ways. Prior to September 2001, he was with the Department of Taxes, from 1987. He worked in various capacities, rising through the ranks until he attained the position of Head, Human Resources Development, a senior management position. He frequently acted in the position of Commissioner, Human Resources and Administration. Andrew served as the Head of the Regional Training Centre for the World Customs Organisation, East and Southern Africa Region from 2006 to 2011, tasked with capacitating Managers in Revenue Authorities across the 22 member states region. He joined ZIPAM first as a part time Consultant in 2011 before he was engaged on a full time basis in February 2012.He acted as the Deputy Director-General from March 2015 to January 2017, before reverting back to his consultancy duties as a Senior Consultant. He is a champion of management development at all levels, and is highly skilled in strategic planning and management, Strategic Human Resource Development and Management, Leadership and Organisational Development. Andrew is the key expert of the Results Based Management system at ZIPAM.